Hola Nuestra Gente Estimada, 

La Villa Hispana, an effort that has brought together multiple facets of Cleveland’s Latino community, is entering a phase of presence and physical manifestation. Through the efforts of the La Villa Hispana Steering Committee and the leadership of the La Villa Hispana Executive Committee, we present La Villa Hispana Action Plan. Guided by the mission to be the economic and cultural center of the Latino community in Greater Cleveland, this document presents the intensive thoughts, dedicated work, and challenging aspirations of the countless partners, tirelessly focused on fulfilling the twenty-eight year old dream of La Villa Hispana. More than a technical report, this action plan is a lens into the dynamic cultural makeup of La Villa Hispana and how it frames our future and paves our legacy.  

Muchas, muchas gracias to all who shared insight, inspiration and support throughout the last four years. A warm and special thank you to the long standing La Villa Hispana Steering Committee who has dedicated endless hours and has remained committed to the visioning process of La Villa Hispana. It is truly agradecido!


La Villa Hispana, part of the Clark-Fulton Neighborhood in Cleveland.