Community Engagement  

“We believe that La Villa Hispana must be a nurturing environment that encourages residents, regardless of socio-economic status, education attainment, race or ethnicity, religion or lifestyle, to remain in the neighborhood. We must work with our community partners and public officials to organize and advocate for affordable housing strategies, more efficient public transit accessibility, enhanced police presence and response time, clean streetscapes, and better schools and libraries. We recognize that our faith-based community is an integral partner in the success of La Villa Hispana, and will work diligently to strengthen the relationship. We will support local businesses by providing technical assistance, financial management skills, and information on loans, grants and other available incentives to encourage our business leaders to remain in the Clark/Fulton area. We must encourage the availability and accessibility of fresh produce for all residents, but especially our children. We will incubate new businesses. We understand that the residents of the Clark/Fulton community are by far, our most valuable resource. By the same token, La Villa Hispana must welcome and support all new arrivals, permanent or temporary, who wish to open a business, buy a home or grow a family.”
Juan Molina Crespo, Executive Director, Hispanic Alliance, February 3, 2014

The Hispanic Center for Economic Development’s Community Development efforts aim to support positive change and build stronger, more resilient local communities. The goal of our work is to drive economic and social advancement opportunities that help families achieve financial stability and economic mobility. This is approached on a hyper-local scale specific to La Villa Hispana community. La Villa Hispana is a place-making neighborhood initiative within the Clark-Fulton in Cleveland’s west side. Our efforts look to promote and foster the skills, entrepreneurship, and ownership required for equitable development of La Villa Hispana.  Our work in Community Development is done in collaboration with Metro West Community Development Organization.


By fostering and showcasing the vibrancy and culture of the Villa Hispana neighborhood, the goal is to ensure economic mobility for residents and business owners as we address community need.

La Villa Hispana, part of the Clark-Fulton Neighborhood in Cleveland.