La Villa Hispana Redevelopment

La Villa Hispana (“La Villa”) embodies a long-cultivated collective vision for a vibrant, authentic and inclusive Latino cultural district in the heart of the Clark-Fulton neighborhood that will serve as both an anchor and a magnet.  La Villa’s neighborhood boundaries extend westbound of West 25th Street through West 44th and south of I-90 up to I-71. La Villa is a place the Hispanic and Latino culture is celebrated for its unique contributions to the blended heritage of Greater Cleveland.  La Villa will recreate that atmosphere that many Latinos embrace on a day to day basis in their own countries. Through arts, music, education, entrepreneurship, and social and civic events, La Villa will tell our individual and collective stories, including and culminating in the blended heritage that is Cleveland.

La Villa Hispana, part of the Clark-Fulton Neighborhood in Cleveland.